Blanco Cook

Front cooking

Benefits for you

Whet appetites for fresh concepts.

Front cooking is eminently suitable for personal contact with diners while creating new opportunities for extra turnover. You can learn how you can benefit from this major trend with BLANCO COOK.

Find new customers

Front cooking has great potential. Experience dining can pave the way for new sales opportunities in other sectors, where customers also seek experience and gastronomic pleasure.

Retaining customers

Quality and transparency impress, building trust and ensuring existing customers return much more readily.

Experience for all the senses

Variety is the spice of life and adds pep to gastronomic pleasure. Front cooking entertains and shortens waiting times.

Marketing is part and parcel

News spreads quickly and stunning food preparation will deftly bring a breath of fresh air to your advertising.


Cooking with glitz and glamour.
BLANCO COOK is the star on the set.


Cooking with glitz and glamour.
BLANCO COOK is the star on the set.

What front cooking professionals say

Front cooking – for me, the perfect complement to baked goods business.
It delights my customers and boosts my sales.

My BLANCO COOK: Education
We get our students excited about fresh ingredients with front cooking.
If that isn’t successful learning …

My BLANCO COOK: Food service industry
Front cooking allows you to share a passion for quality and lifestyle.
Our diners truly enjoy the experience.

Every stay should leave a lasting impression on our guests.
That’s why we have every confidence in front cooking.

My BLANCO COOK: Company catering
Front cooking is a real delicacy for motivated employees.

Front cooking allows us to show that care, hospitality and a
feel-good atmosphere go hand in hand.

My BLANCO COOK:Butcher shops with snack provision
Front cooking is my irresistible recipe for our customers. This concept allows us
to show off craftsmanship and careful processing perfectly.

My BLANCO COOK: planners, store constructors
My planning takes every detail into account. With BLANCO COOK, I am integrating a
promising front cooking concept.


For quick gourmet cuisine

With the front cooking recipe for success, your diners won’t have to wait long to enjoy gastronomic pleasures. Simple dishes for every taste can be easily conjured up and served in next to no time. Bon appetit!

Licensed to breathe


The mobile cooking station guarantees that no cooking steam will spoil your hospitality. The optimised, multi-stage grease and odour filter system with its flat charcoal filter pads ensures that air is cleaned.


Excellently equipped, the stations comes with a variety of available options and is then more than ready to put your recipe ideas into practice. For 2, 3 or 4 table-top cooking units.


Cooking, grilling, stir-frying, deep-frying, keeping things hot and much more – 13 different table-top cooking units make BLANCO COOK extremely adaptable.

Easy to care for

Single-piece smooth surfaces and easy-to-remove elements ensure that BLANCO COOK is quickly put back into use.

The perfect solution for every task

All you need for mobile cooking

Perfect processes form an essential part of a successful front cooking concept. Here, you will find all you need to optimise processes, save time and improve quality. In a sleek design on request.


Slide 1

Plate dispensers

Heatable or not in 13 fantastic colours

Slide 2

Cutlery and tray trolleys

Perfectly organised in a compact space

Slide 3

Food transport container

Lightweight to ensure you have everything under control, even at peak times

Slide 4

Serving and clearing trolleys

First-class craftsmanship to ensure a long operating life